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Amin Boulouma, our visionary founder, epitomizes innovation and determination, guiding with transformative leadership, inspiring excellence, and fostering creativity.

Lionel Brunie

Advising Partner

Professor at the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) of Lyon, Department of Computer Science, LIRIS Laboratory. Lionel Brunie serves as an advisor to

Helene Perevertaylo

Operating Partner

COO building high-performing teams and CEO Business Partner. Expert in Digital, Growth, and Transformation with International experience.

Hamza Ben El Hadi


With over a decade of experience in software development, Hamza is a seasoned expert in building robust and scalable solutions. She specializes in backend development and database management, ensuring the smooth functioning of our clients' systems.

Srdjan Mihaljevic

Advising Partner

Consultant for the Montenegrin Government for over 15 plus years in Digital Transformation. Consulting for multiple government across the globe.

Youssef Benali

Operating Partner

Youssef is a talented software developer with a passion for coding and problem-solving. With a strong background in frontend and backend development, he brings innovative solutions to complex technical challenges.

Amal El Mansouri

Operating Partner

Amal is a skilled marketing specialist with a deep understanding of digital marketing trends and strategies. She leverages her expertise to create targeted campaigns that resonate with our audience, driving engagement and conversion.

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