Retail & E-Commerce

Whether serving your instore or digital customers, delivering a seamless experience at every touch point is our number one objective.

Augmented and

virtual reality

The Integration of innovative tools like augmented and virtual reality creates a new digital experience for the customer. Using these tools, brands are able to; build customer relationship, improve conversion rates and add value to the shopping experience. A customer is able to visualize the product in an almost real view which most often positively influences the purchasing decision.

Social commerce

The sheer amount of time spent on social media platforms especially with the young generation, has strategically positioned social commerce a surging ecommerce market trend. Now more than ever are brands pressured to streamline their services across devices and platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat & YouTube whilst offer a consistent omni-channel experience. Our Omni-channel solutions at Boulouma have got you covered.

Machine learning

Predictive analysis plays a vital role in marketplaces and deploying machine learning is an essential part of solving the equation. The algorithms gathered from machine learning enhances a better prediction of sales, returns and customer service based on the customer behavior. At Webhelp, we acknowledge the data and insights gathered from analytics as a powerful tool in our business strategy which focuses on delivering outstanding personalized customer experience.