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Low treatment adherence

Poor adherence to treatments has been associated with an increase number of patients with multi-chronic diseases. These parallels have contributed to compromised patient outcomes and an increase in healthcare costs. Improving treatment adherence is becoming a key priority for healthcare actors to balance the cost of our healthcare systems.

Global economic pressure on pharma sector

Pharma companies have to cope with governments pressure to contain healthcare expenditure. In Europe, growth rates are declining and valued at 1-4% over the next 5 years in comparison to previous years which was 5%. In this context, efficiency, profitability, and innovative approaches are necessary to safeguard sustainable growth in the industry.

Generic drugs competition

90% of the current Top 20 world drugs will compete against a generic or biosimilar drug by 2023. The loss of revenues is estimated at nearly $120 billion in developed country markets (2019-2023). Shortening the period of active promotion of Rx products requires offensive and efficient commercial strategies.