Gaming Support Services

From developers and publishers to platforms and distributors, Webhelp is a trusted partner for gamers and the gaming industry alike.

Cloud gaming challenges

With the move to cloud gaming, you need to rely on agile & hyper-reactive support for a large variety of games and provide an equivalent level of information and service for all games and players. You also need to adapt your support to continuous innovations in cross-platform play, to be able to troubleshoot complex ecosystems. Finally, you need to leverage player insights, using centralized data to offer high-level personalization.

New monetization models

With subscription models development, growing number of DLCs and in-app purchases and the success of Esports and Play 2 Earn, you need to offer intuitive services for increasing in-game transactions, ensure top notch billing support & account security and minimize risks as gamers increase the value injected in games. You also need to support high-value players everywhere. With Play 2 Earn and Esport, you need to match your support to the increase in volume, languages spoken and value.

Into the metaverse

The metaverse is the new frontier, with all the opportunities and challenges that presents. You’ll need to be able to moderate complex user-generated content from multiple sources at the same time. You’ll also need to onboard social media users in the metaverse without lowering support expectations in this complex universe and continue to protect your community as they traverse different universes, securing your platform and players’ assets.