Fashion & Luxury

The Fashion and Luxury market is ever-changing: we can help your brand to keep up with the trends.

Rapid change and seasonality

Fast fashion has disrupted the market. Not only for low cost brands but increasingly for high end and luxury brands too. Many of these luxury and high end brands followed the mass market trend by offering new products and collections every few months. But customer habits are changing as well as luxury brands: we are seeing a return to a more sustainable market with greater emphasis on quality rather than quantity.

Streamlining of brands and collections

Consumers are interacting with influencers, online marketing and social media around the world all day, every day. To stand out brands need to have a unified and global approach. This means unifying sub brands and having one clear brand identity. Successful businesses will concentrate their collections under one brand, with a streamlined and easy to recognize range of products.

E-commerce, cash flow and profitability

Because of its unique dynamics and timings, the fashion sector presents many financial challenges. With up to 15 months from designing and producing a collection until you get your money back, a regular cash flow is essential to preserve profitability.

E-commerce has also become hugely important in the market. It’s as important as physical stores meaning you have to offer a unified brand experience across every channel.

Why we are the perfect match

Our Experience and Expertise

Our deep understanding of the fashion and luxury market comes from representing more than 1,500 local and global fashion brands. In an economic scenario that leads to balance business development and protection against financial risk, Boulouma Technologies is trusted by our clients to provide neutral support and guidance.

Managing buyers’ relationships

Working with over 40,000 points of sale means that we have the key to tackle any potential issues between brands and their clients. We have our clients at heart: we are here to support and help them developing new solutions to bring added value into the relationship with the buyers.

Offline experiences & deliveries

The Boulouma Technologies community and our network of subsidiaries cover over 35 countries in Europe, Africa and North America. Boulouma Technologies offers strong local knowledge combined with expertise in international business and financial practices ideally suited to the needs of the fashion and luxury market.

Our solutions to support you

With our expertise in Credit and Payement services, we support you to make your business safe and simple, both in B2B and B2C, offline and online.

With our Digital Services you will be at the forefront of online and digital engagement. We will help you to transform the digital experience of your customers.

As your strategic partner, we provide intelligent insight-led consulting services to deliver your strategic priorities.

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