Automotive and Mobility

The global automotive industry is transforming. Brands will win or lose based on developing their ability to deliver world-class customer experiences, while reducing operational risk and cost.

Evolving omnichannel


Digitally-savvy customers expect greater control and flexibility in sales and ownership journeys. They want service on their terms – wherever, whenever, and on whatever channel they choose.

Increasing legislation

Customers expect automotive brands to meet new standards on reducing carbon emissions, and other policies championed by governments across the world.

Moving to electric vehicles (EVs) is a key strategic aim for all manufacturers, impacting sales and services. Brands must respond to this disruption, while safeguarding profit margins.

Growing competition

The automotive industry is engaged in an ‘innovation race’ – injecting billions into new products and providing better customer experiences.

Brands must balance opportunities with managing potential risk and cost.

…And keep pace with challengers, who are identifying and exploiting opportunities across autonomous, connected and electric vehicles. All the while free from outdated legacy technology and distribution models.

Why we are the perfect match

Our Sector Expertise

We work with leading car manufacturers, dealers, rental firms, and the new wave of mobility providers and understand industry challenges.

We’ll leverage experience and expertise from automotive and other sectors to help you stay ahead of competitors, grow, and future-proof your business.

Our Technology

We’ve invested heavily in technologies which will enable you to optimise customer journeys, while streamlining operations and accelerating business growth.

We provide customers with the digital tools to build their own buying journeys and enable agents with a toolkit that unlocks evidence-based insights to continuously improve engagement and performance.

Our People

We recruit, train, retain and motivate specialist automotive teams, combining the best practices from automotive, retail and finance to support and sell.

We bring years of experience and industry knowledge to drive excellence within every part of your customers’ journeys, as well as operations and sales.

Our solutions to support you

Automotive contact centre services

Our team of highly experienced automotive advisors provide ‘next-generation’ customer support, built on robust and detailed product knowledge. This increases the quality of customer care, potential sales leads, and perceptions of your brand.

Digital dealerships at Boulouma Technologies

Our dedicated, expert, and motivated sales teams fulfil growing customer demand to buy online, while identifying opportunities to generate additional revenue. We provide the tools, systems, and processes which enable and drive performance.

Offline experiences & deliveries

Automotive brands must seamlessly integrate online and offline experiences to deliver a truly omnichannel experience. Get support with coordinating offline experiences, like deliveries, via existing dealers; or create a new system for self-delivery of online and offline customer experiences.

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